High Voltage Extracts Live Resin – Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid) (1g)


High Voltage is probably one of the most famous extract brand in Canada. When buying from them you can be sure to consistently get he same quality and taste. This is why their products are widely available accross the web in Canada and that the best online dispensaries in Canada have their products in stock.

Just like any other extracts you have few options when it comes to consume concentrates. First choice, which is probably the most popular is to Dab their extracts uch as live resin and sauce. Second option is to add some of their concentrates on top of your bong bowl, it will give extra spice to your usual weed bowl. Last but not least you could also add some on the tip of our joint, if the concentrate is more runny, just like terp sauce you could also slighlty coat your joint with it. Don’t overdo it as it might tear up!


They are not selling their products directly, they have online retailers which are basically known as online dispensaries, MOM dispensary etc… You will have to buy from one of their retailer if you want to get their products delivered to your doorstep. We’ve listed the best places to buy their concentrates above.

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