Full spectrum CBD Oil 20%


Therapeutic properties of CBD

Neuroactive and neuroprotective – fights mental disorders, including depression and anxiety, regenerates nerve cells in the body, stimulates the nervous system, reduces epilepsy, has a relaxing and antispastic effect, reduces seizures and spasms, and alleviates the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.
Anti-cancer – attacks and destroys cancer cells, inhibits the multiplication of cancer cells, leads to apoptosis, i.e. suicide of cancer cells.
Antioxidant – reduces oxidative stress, slows down and prevents the aging of cells and tissues, supports the body’s natural defenses, and protects against free radicals.
Anti-inflammatory – inhibits the inflammatory process, fights inflammation, prevents inflammation, and protects the liver.
Pain relievers – relieves pain, soothes, and eliminates pain throughout the body, both internally and externally.
Antipsychotic – wakes up and cleanses the mind, fights psychosis and anxiety, calms and calms down, has a relaxing and relaxing effect, helps to fall asleep and ensures good sleep, supports, helps with schizophrenia.
Antiemetic – reduces nausea and vomiting, stimulates thirst and appetite, and affects the proper metabolism of the body.
Antibacterial – has strong bactericidal properties, kills bacteria and prevents their reproduction, slows their growth, acting similarly to antibiotics.
Antifungal – prevents the development of fungal diseases, and kills mold and fungi.
Antiallergic – soothes and eliminates allergy symptoms.
Immunological – stimulates the body’s natural immunity, and stimulates the state of homeostasis.
Dermatological – accelerates wound healing, fights skin diseases, rejuvenates the epidermis, reduces the effects of skin diseases such as acne, and improves the overall condition of the skin.
Drug addiction – can help you quit smoking and be used as replacement therapy for drug addiction, as well as help you fight other addictions.
It improves concentration and increases cognitive abilities by regulating dopamine.

Full spectrum CBD Oil

Full spectrum CBD Oil

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