black cherry gelato strain



This flower looks just like a nug starting to burst into flames in a slow but vibrant process. Its compact body is covered in zesty greens with amber pistils and hairs bursting out like a firefly festival. Its lusciousness is covered in a heavy coating of crystal trichomes.


Once you tear open a pack of Lemon Cherry Gelato, its name will make sense immediately. On the nose, it already gives you a hint of its fruity nature while also letting in on its more subtle notes of pine and wood. Its overtones that whisper of a tropical paradise is one you will get lost in as your nose is charmed by the even earthiness that hits just the right spot. There’s no question why the strain is beloved in South Cali. Its scents just lend itself to the vibe.

Just because you already got a whiff of the good stuff doesn’t mean it will let you forget its top shelf lineage. GSC on its own has flavors that will have the nug more talked about than its controversial name. Much like it, Lemon Cherry Gelato is not one to disappoint.

Take out a nug, grind it, and take some tokes and you will wonder if you were taking from a jar of weed or berries. Raspberries, cherries, blueberries— all of your favorites are in each inhale. The sweetness that just envelopes your surroundings does not stop there. There’s lots of citrus keeping the same saccharine tone, but also adds some sour bites. Additionally, a woody, pine undertone just revitalizes your spirits. This might not all sound too good for a nightcap, but once you get some more puffs in, you’ll sure be headed in that direction.


Whether you want to add some spice to your night or just head off to a heavy slumber, Lemon Cherry Gelato strain knows where to take the notch. Dial it up or down; this flower has what you need. To start off, its sativa side will show its head; lifting your mood amidst a calming undertone. Giggles will have you smiling ear to ear. You can stay up and catch some good vibes with old friends or even talk to new ones. If you take in just enough, Lemon Cherry Gelato will soon become your lullaby – sweet notes following along as it brings you to a serene sleep with its indica dominance.

cherry gelato strain

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With above-average THC levels, Lemon Cherry Gelato is often the choice for medical marijuana patients with chronic pain, chronic stress, and anxiety. Its relaxing qualities help with such conditions, while its uplifting side is used by those with mood swings or depression.


While you can dial your night up or down this flower is not one to grow short. Lemon Cherry Gelato is of average difficulty to grow except when you account for its massive height. It can grow up to 60-80 inches once it matures making it due for consistent topping. The real upside? After its flowers pop up in 57-62 days it will bring a hefty amount of yield. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors.


Wondering whether you can take some Lemon Cherry Gelato for a sweet high? Its origins alone point to its great flavors and merry-making effects. You can be sure to find a long night of hyped conversations or a relaxing one in the comfort of your couch; Lemon Cherry Gelato could make either one just as fine.

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Uses of Lemon cherry gelato strain

Smoke lemon cherry gelato to solve health issues such as

  • Headache
  • Body pains and fatigue
  • It also helps for indulging in relaxation, calm, and peace.

The overall satisfaction of trying this stain may make you happy, uplifted, euphoric, energetic, and relaxed

black cherry gelato strain

Don’t let its VIP lineage fool you. Lemon Cherry Gelato strain has its own quirks you will love. With a mood-lifting high and mildly-sedative downtime, this flower is not a one-trick pony. Tune in for the lowdown on this nightcap you’ll keep coming back to.

Lemon Cherry Gelato strain is a combination of energy-boosting and relaxing effects – an indica-dominant hybrid leaning only slightly over to its indica side at 60%. Its THC levels have a wide range of 19-29% enough room for you to look for just the right fit for you. It hits the sweet spot between indica and sativa, as well as high and low THC levels, allowing you to choose what suits your needs most.

This lemon cherry gelato nug is a ménage à trois between a good old classic in Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), an infamous star in Sunset Sherbet, and a complete mystery for its third cross. Some stoners attribute Lemon Cherry Gelato’s earthy side to GSC and its citrus notes to Sunset Sherbet. As for its unknown third predecessor, it might as well be the bud’s secret weapon. Lemon Cherry Gelato also has a variation under Cannatique Farms.


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